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The Sachin Tendulkar Foundation was created to give a platform to bring together people, institutions and resources who are passionate about bringing a social change. The foundation will help us give equal opportunity to children and create a better world for our children.


Who we are

I feel blessed. As a child, I was surrounded by a loving family, friends and mentors. Their support, along with the unconditional love of sports fans worldwide, helped me achieve my dream of playing for India and winning the World Cup for our nation.

The tremendous support I received over the years from all has made me who I am. In my second innings, I want to give back to the nation which I served proudly.

We often speak about making the world a better place for our children. By focussing on children’s health, education and sports – we can create a positive difference to their present and future.

The Foundation is a step in continuing my contribution to society. By working together, we can create a difference. Let’s nurture a billion dreams and let our youth excel.

- Sachin Tendulkar


Who we work with

Yuwa India

Yuwa India empowers girls in rural Jharkhand through football training, a college preparatory school, life-skills workshops, leadership development, and coaching training for local youth. By integrating sports and education, we enable girls to shape their own futures with confidence and resilience.

Mann Deshi Champions

Mann Deshi Champions is a holistic sports development program empowering girls and boys through coaching in athletics, swimming, wrestling, and boxing. Additionally, our Travel Coach Program equips government school teachers with the skills to teach kabaddi, kho-kho, and running, spreading sports education to thousands of students across Maharashtra. With this we aim to build integrity, self-esteem and confidence amongst rural girls.

Basic Health Services

Basic Health Services aims to deliver crucial healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood illnesses. We address severe acute malnutrition and low birth weight in infants, support maternal and newborn health with Frontline Health Workers, and enhance healthcare infrastructure through clinics and Anganwadis.


Through Ekam Foundation Mumbai, we endeavour to provide financial assistance for child healthcare to underprivileged sections of society, in government and trust hospitals.

Hi-5 Foundation

Through a basketball excellence program called ‘Hope through Hoops’, underprivileged girls and boys in tribal areas of Maharashtra, West Bengal and Gujarat are taught life lessons through sport. Children develop character, confidence and team spirit that help them to excel in life.


Inga Health Foundation aims at treating children who are born with cleft and craniofacial deformities. Through Inga, we sponsor treatment for the financially underprivileged. We aspire to put a smile on the faces of children and wish for them to have a normal life like everyone else.

Makunda Hospital

Makunda Hospital is located in a remote tribal region of Assam. By donating essential medical equipment and funding needy children, we help provide quality healthcare to patients from Assam, Mizoram and Tripura.


Parivaar works towards the overall development of underprivileged children in tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh. We aim to address issues such as nutrition and quality education, by helping build a school and providing nutritious meals and a holistic complementary education programme.


SRCC Children’s Hospital combines paediatric medical experience with state-of-the-art facilities to ensure affordable, quality medical care for children.We have partnered with them to cater to poor families who can’t always afford appropriate medical care. We wish to ease their financial burden so that critical care can continue where required.


Vidyarthi Vikas Yojna (VVY) works towards providing financial assistance and mentoring support to students from the underprivileged sections of society, to pursue higher education. We enable these children to chase their dreams by funding their education.


With Shreeja's “Football & Beyond” initiative, we empower young girls through sports-based development programs in tribal areas of Kolkata, West Bengal. We aspire to inculcate life-skills needed to bring marginalised sections into mainstream society.

Other Giving-Back Initiatives

Has a decade long partnership with UNICEF, for eg, Early Childhood Development,empowering women through sport, hand wash etc.
Committed to impacting behavioural change for a cleaner and healthier India.
Encouraging young talent in our nation to come forward and participate in a broad-scale skill honing initiative.
Working with Apnalaya to uplift the most underprivileged sections of Mumbai’s urban population; spearheaded by Mrs Annabel Mehta, Sachin’s Mother in Law.
Providing relief to the underprivileged in the areas of education, healthcare and infrastructure.
Together foundation works towards skill development and runs a sheltered workshop for young adults with autism and other intellectual disabilities. We work with the foundation to provide financial aid to help make their lives better.
Creating green champions by setting up solar powered digital labs in schools, and rolling out programmes pertaining to awareness about renewable energy & afforestation.
Association with make a wish foundation where Sachin Tendulkar meets children and their parents to fulfill their wishes and inspire their journey.
Work with Wadia hospital, Kidney Foundation and Cancer Patients aid Association through providing financial support for medical expenses of needy children and providing equipment that can benefit them.

Our Footprints

Work across India to create Impact


How we work


We commit to conducting operations in a transparent manner - conforming to the highest ethical and moral standards.


We comply with the law of the land in all countries that we operate in or choose to operate in.

We maintain a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.


We maintain a zero-tolerance approach to money laundering and do not engage, encourage or transact with individuals or institutions who don’t comply with the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) India.


We refrain from carrying out any activity which may prove to be detrimental to people and communities.


What we believe in


In all regions we operate in or communities we work with, we display culturally appropriate behaviour.

We work with partners who abide by the law of the land.


We do not discriminate our stakeholders based on religion, caste, creed, sex, race/nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation or political beliefs.


We treat all our stakeholders with dignity and respect.


We respect the confidentiality policy of our stakeholders and commit to upholding the same unless explicitly agreed upon by both parties. We would expect the same from our stakeholders/partners towards our confidentiality.

Partners Speak

Dr. Shajin

MD, DNB, Consultant Pediatrician,
Makunda Christian Leprosy and General Hospital.

We have been partnering with the Sachin Tendulkar foundation since the last two years. It has been a fruitful experience working with the foundation. It all started with a generous grant from the foundation through which we could expand our Neonatal Intensive Care Services. Last year, we were privileged to start the ROP screening services for the premature babies in our NICU. In addition to this, the foundation has been supporting a lot of children who come from poor socio economic strata, with their hospital expenses. We are grateful to the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation for all support and we wish them the best in the coming year.

Vinayak Lohani

Founder & Chief,

We highly value the support that we are receiving from Shri Sachin Tendulkar and his Foundation. We are overwhelmed by the magnanimity and the high empathy that their entire team shows with Parivaar's mission and practical constraints.

Mrs Ameeta Chatterjee

Managing Trustee,
Ekam Foundation Mumbai

Sachin Tendulkar Foundation is one of our long standing partner of Ekam Foundation Mumbai. Our partnership has been of defined by respect and transparency and above all working together for the better of children healthcare solutions. As part of our partnership there is continuous challenge and opportunity to explore newer frontiers with greater impact.

Usha & Radhakrishnan Sundar

Hi 5 Youth Foundation

We are proud to be associated with Sachin Tendulkar Foundation over the last few years on the Hi 5 basketball excellence program for tribal children in Mumbai/ Kolkata. The SRT team is extremely professional and compassionate in structuring and supporting all aspects of the program – namely the children, coaches and basketball infrastructure. Anjali and Sachin are both personally involved and committed to sports, tribal children and girls. Their personal involvement and interaction with the tribal children and our team inspires us all to greater heights. We are looking forward to working together for many more years in taking these children to greater heights in sports and in life!

Mr.G Shiva Ganesh

Chief Trustee,
Inga Health Foundation

Inga Health Foundation carries a privilege of working with Sachin Tendulkar Foundation in its endeavor to provide treatment to deformed kids. While IHF carries the support of several donors, Sachin Tendulkar Foundation has been proactive, in understanding the foundation and its efforts, on a regular basis. Interactions with the team, and more specifically Dr.Anjali Tendulkar, provides the foundation a much needed assessment of its work, and, a platform to improvise its service and objectives. Dr Anjali Tendulkar, being a medical professional, has taken significant interest in understanding the foundation, and her participation in the meeting, has been highly rewarding.

Prof.Dr.Krishna Shama Rao

Trustee & Medical Director,
Inga Health Foundation

We on behalf of Inga Health Foundation, are truly privileged to work alongside with Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, treating children born with birth deformities of the skull and face, free of cost. Our job is that much easier to communicate with Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, as Dr.Anjali Tendulkar is herself an eminent pediatrician . Her deep understanding of the nature of deformities, allows us to communicate and collaborate to high professional standards. I thank Sachin Tendulkar Foundation for all the support.

Dr. Chetana Kumar

Trustee & COO,
Inga Health Foundation

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the very esteemed Sachin Tendulkar Foundation for giving us an opportunity to collaborate and work with them . It has taken our organization to a different league. It has personally made me feel 10 folds more confident in the work Inga Health Foundation offers to mankind, and, has made me and our surgical team feel proud of the work we do. In simple words " We Must Be doing Something Right " to be under the agesis of Sachin Tendulkar Foundation and deserve their benevolence. Was humbled when Dr.Anjali Tendulkar herself participated in our very first meeting, to understand about Inga Health foundation and its activities. One of the finest gestures i have ever witnessed till date. Truly obliged and privileged.

Mr. Ravindra Karve

Seva Sahayog Foundation & Founder - Vidyarthi Vikas Yojana.

Once the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation team was convinced about our credentials, they have very actively and enthusiastically supported our initiative. We together have been able to scale up the positive impact on the lives of most deserving students in fulfilling their higher education dreams and helping their families in coming out of a poverty trap.

Dr. Soonu Udani

MD, Medical Director & Head. Critical Care & Emergency Services,
SRCC Children’s Hospital

Sachin Tendulkar Foundation has been supporting poor and needy patients at the SRCC Children’s Hospital for several years. We have utilised these generous funds for critically ill children who have had catastrophic and sudden onset of very serious illness. Parents are unprepared for the enormous financial burden of modern medicine and the combined stress of illness and finance is usually overwhelming. The funds from STF go a long way in alleviating some of this burden. Over a hundred children with complex problems and advanced surgical interventions have benefitted from the generosity of the foundation. We, at the SRCC Children’s hospital are ever grateful for the continuing support of Anjali and Sachin Tendulkar.