Luminous Power Technologies launches the new solar campaign featuring Sachin Tendulkar

Luminous Power Technologies launches the new solar campaign featuring Sachin Tendulkar

Friday 10 June 2022

Luminous Power Technologies announced its range in solar. The latest TVC featuring the brand ambassador-Sachin Tendulkar, talks about using solar seamlessly through fun yet impactful way.

Developed and conceptualised by 82.5 Communications, the TVC demonstrates the convenience that Luminous brings in with its range of solar products, making it the go-to product with its catch line, “solar hai lagana toh Luminous ko hai bulana.”

The TVCs will be aired on TV channels and shows. The campaign will be leveraged on the brand’s social media handles. It will also be promoted on all Luminous’ social media platforms i.e.- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Ruchika Gupta, chief marketing officer, Luminous Power Technologies, said, “We created the “solar hai lagana toh luminous ko bulaana” campaign to showcase the brand as a one-stop-shop for all solar-related queries. This ad aims to combine consumer insight and storytelling, and I hope that you all resonate with it.”

Preeta Mathur, creative head, 82.5 Communications India, said “Let no one cast a doubt about solar. The film talks to those who are contemplating the thought of installing solar in their houses but haven’t taken the first step yet. Enters the team of sun and Sachin to put a stop to all the confusion and let the world know that Luminous is the one-stop solution for solar, solar hai lagana toh Luminous ko bulana.”

Sumanto Chattopadhyay, chairman and chief creative officer, 82.5 Communications India, said “Sachin is the evergreen brand ambassador for Luminous, complementing the inherent credibility of the brand. And who better to partner him than Mr Sun in convincing the consumer that Luminous is the right way to go solar.”