Sachin Tendulkar continues to score big in endorsements

Sachin Tendulkar continues to score big in endorsements

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Despite retiring from cricket 10 years ago. Sachin Tendulkar remains a top draw amongst India’s advertisers as the cricket legend still endorses 15 brands including Apollo Tyres, ITCs Savlon, JioCinema, Spinny, and Ageas Federal Life Insurance.

Despite the belief that cricketers have a shorter shelf life for endorsements compared to Bollywood stars, Tendulkar’s brand endorsement value is valued at $73.6 million, according to Kroll’s Celebrity Brand Valuation Report for 2022. According to industry sources, he charges ₹7-8 crore per year for an endorsement deal.

But Tendulkar, who celebrated his 50th birthday on Monday (Apri1 24), is least bothered about these valuation numbers. “I don’t think so much into these things – I just try to be myself,” he told ET. After working with third-party sports management companies, Sachin and his wife Anjali have now set up SRT Sports Management, a company that manages all his social and commercial partnerships.

“By creating my own setup, I am able to have a deeper and better connection with all the partners I work with. The team at SRTSM understands my value systems and works with partners towards creating win-win partnerships,” he said.

Sachin has always been very careful when selecting the brands that he wants to associate with. The lens he has used to select endorsements has always been about the brand’s impact on people’s lives, followed by the vision and purpose the company lives by.

“I look at authenticity Whatever is being said in communication, should also be done to fulfill that promise. That is how one can win the trust of people. Finally, it is teamwork, and therefore the comfort of working with the partner is very important,” he stated.

Sameer Satpathy Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC, said Sachin is a generational icon whose persona extends beyond cricket. “He vibes well with every generation, especially children, and is revered globally,” he added.

“Sachin was personally invested in every aspect of the Savlon Swarth India Mission as its Hand ambassador.” For Spinny Founder & CEO Nirai Singh, Sachin will always be an Icon of integrity and consistently perform at the highest level. “Now, even at 50, Sachin is a personality who’s stayed true to himself, he’s as much a mature gentleman as much as he embraces a child-like charm,” he added.

He added that Spinny’s association with the cricketing legend has helped the brand to tell Its story, and vision effectively. Vighnesh Shahane, CEO & managing director, Ageas Federal Life Insurance, noted that the company has gone from being the 17th largest insurance firm in India before signing up Sachin to entering the top 10 after it teamed up with the cricketing maestro in 2015.

‘Over the last eight years, there are so many qualities of Sachin that have rubbed on positively to the brand,” he said.

To commemorate Sachin’s 50th birthday, brands like Amul, Spinny, Tanishq, Apollo, and Ageas Federal Life Insurance have planned consumer connect initiatives across mediums. Tanishq has created a curated range of 100 solitaires to celebrate his 50th birthday. Ageas Life Insurance has sponsored a documentary and a book titled SRT@50. As part of its brand activation, Spinny has recreated Sachin’s first car which has been stationed in Mumbai’s Band Stand area on April 23 and 24.

Amul has created a video montage featuring its past 50 ads that capture Sachin’s cricketing journey. Meta India organised a session with Sachin at its Mumbai office which was attended by 50 content creators. Even At 50, Brand Sachin has taken a fresh guard in the hyper-competitive world of brand endorsements.