The Seva Kutirs, spread across far-off places in Madhya Pradesh inhabited by tribal people and supported by The Sachin Tendulkar foundation.

For residents of far-off villages in districts like Sehore and Sheopur in Madhya Pradesh, sustenance is a struggle. There are issues of accessibility and other factors that make basic amenities hard to attain. The likes of Ramkalibai, Kusumbai, Kavitabai, and many others, who hail from these districts, share a unified dream of seeing their children get their rightful education and do something substantial in life. They do not want their children to go through the same struggles they have had to go through.

Taking their first steps with their eyes alight with the same dreams as their parents, the likes of Pinkee, Sandhya, Anjali, and several others, would come regularly to the Seva Kutirs set up in various parts of Sehore and Sheopur, among other districts. These Seva Kutirs are supported by the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation.

The Seva Kutirs, spread across far-off places in Madhya Pradesh inhabited by tribal people, have been a one-stop destination for underprivileged children, for years. Supported by the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation, these Seva Kutirs have been taking care of the enrolled children with nutritious food, complementary education, and by engaging them in sports. These children lacked basic amenities for growth and had to traverse long, arduous roads for education. With the coming of the Seva Kutirs, they not only get nutritional food two times a day but also get the scope to flourish with quality education.

In his inning off the field, Sachin Tendulkar has been batting for the development of underprivileged kids through various associations. Apart from his support to the Seva Kutirs by Parivaar Foundation, he has also contributed to building a residential school for the children from the tribal areas in Madhya Pradesh, where they would get the best of health, education, and sports. The school benefits hundreds of children.

Sachin’s association has been fruitful for the young beneficiaries as the Seva Kutirs have acted as a launch pad for them. Twenty of them, including the likes of Pinkee, Sandhya, and Anjali, have recently been selected for admission into the Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS). They have all passed the selection test for Class VI, with flying colours. The Eklavya Schools, set up by the Government of India, cater to candidates from the Scheduled Tribe (ST) category.

This news bears tremendous importance in the lives of these young girls and boys and their parents. They all hail from a meagre background with their parents being daily wagers or small farmers. Many of these young girls and boys are the first generation from their families to get an education. For most of them, continuing education after Class VIII becomes a hurdle for various reasons. Getting admission into EMRS is, therefore, a humble milestone in itself in their lives. With hopes in their eyes and determination at every step, they would get a chance to curve their paths.

This has certainly increased the strike rate of the inning Sachin is on, with the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation assisting hundreds of children and youth to get quality education, health, and sports facilities.